Childrens Belongings Policy

Toys and items of value should remain at home. All items of clothing should be labelled with your child’s name.

Please ensure your child has a backpack, this is to be stored in their locker. Each child should have in their bag a change of clothing, a hat, a pair of socks and a spare pair of underwear. Children will get dirty.

During the day the children are allowed to take their shoes off and place them in the shoebox. So please ensure your child’s shoes are labelled with their names to prevent any confusion.

Children should be appropriately dressed. They need to wear play clothes. (Not to be dressed up).

The children need to be comfortable and not restricted by the clothes so please make sure that your child’s is not wearing overalls or belts as they are not easily managed by a child who’s in a hurry to get to the toilet.

While packing your child’s bag keep in mind the weather at the time, in winter always make sure there’s a jumper in his/her locker in case the wind picks up through the course of the day.

Do not send an umbrella to Little Stars Kindergarten, as these can be dangerous with the children.


  • Remember to LABEL all items of clothing.
  • Remember to SUPPLY A COTTON SHEET for your child, as there is a sleep/rest period after lunch.
  • Please PUT AN APPROPRIATE SUN HAT in your child’s bag.
  • Lockers are provided for your child’s belongings. Please check them daily and clear them out at the end of every week.
  • Please NO lollies, sweets to be included in your child’s bag for snacks or lunch.
  • Please read information sheets, they are there to keep you informed with your child’s development.
  • Please sign your child IN and OUT daily – we are legally required to have accurate records of all children on the premises and it is important for safety purposes.
  • Please do not bring toys from home, except cuddly toys for sleep/rest time.
  • Wash your child’s sheets weekly, and don’t forget to bring them back the following week, as we do not carry spares.
  • Please keep sheets in good order and repair as a comfortable sheet helps make sleep come more easily.
  • Please be sure to pick up your child before 5.30pm – remember the late fee penalty.