Fees are required to be kept one week in advance. Invoice/Statements will be issued Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or 4 Weekly depending on your selection noted on the Direct Debit Request Bank or Credit Card payment Application.

Fees are currently – 2-3 Years $82.50 per day, 3-5 Years $77.50 per day.

Note. We do try to keep our fees as affordable as possible, however, a small fee increase may be applied every January and possibly in July or August subject to unavoidable rises in cost of operation incurred during the first half of the year.

All days for which your child is enrolled must be paid for including sick days, absence for other reasons, or for holidays taken during Little Stars operating weeks.

As we are an approved centre family’s may possibly be able to receive reduced fees.

To apply for these reductions please contact the Family Assistance Office (FAO) prior to enrolling. The Family Assistance Office will provide you with a CRN number (Customer Reference Number) a copy of which should be provided on enrolment.

It is our preference that fees are paid by through the iDebitPro scheme. (Direct Debit Request Bank Account or Credit Card payment applications and Terms and Conditions are enclosed with the Enrolment package).

A minimum of 2 weeks’ notice in writing must be given for withdrawing a child or 2 weeks in lieu will be required to pay.

An amount of Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) is to be paid at the time of enrolment.

This represents a refundable Security Deposit of One Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($150.00) to be offset against unpaid fees or leaving without suitable notification.

Fifty Dollars ($50.00) is used as an Administrative Fee to register enrolment with our software provider.