Skin Protection Strategies

Children should wear hats throughout the year. The best hats should be wide brimmed to provide protection for the face, neck and ears when exposed to the sun. Children without hats will play in shaded areas. The centre incorporates awareness activities for sun and skin protection in the teaching programmes for all age groups.

Staff supports this strategy by: –

  • Encouraging wearing protective hats and appropriate outdoor clothing e.g. broad brim hats and long sleeved shirts, blouses.
  • Direct children to use shaded areas were possible.
  • Adopt a flexible approach to planning that we promote optimum use of shaded areas.

When enrolling a child, parents or carers will be: –

  • Requested to provide a hat with abroad brim.
  • Provide younger children a tie-on hat to ensure that the hat stays on.
  • Encouraged to apply SPF30+ broad-spectrum sunscreen to the child before leaving home, particularly in spring, summer and autumn.
  • Encouraged to apply SPF30+ at the centre upon arrival. Sunscreen is available in the foyer.

Staff will follow up with more applications during the day.

If exposure to the sun in unavoidable the procedure is to apply SPF30+ to the face, neck and ears, back of hands and feet 20 minutes before going outside.