Sun Exposure Guidelines

Our aim is to promote among the children, staff and parent’s positive attitudes and lifestyle practices toward skin protection that will help reduce their potential to develop skin cancer.

Australia has the largest incidence of skin cancer in the world with 16,000 new cases every year and 1,000 deaths each year.

There are four factors that contribute to these statistics:

  1. A large percentage of the population is fair skinned people whose skin is intolerant to the intensity of the sun in Australia.
  2. Ultraviolet radiation is particularly intense in this region and will induce a high rate of skin cancer in this susceptible population.
  3. For most of this century social values have supported the belief that a suntan is healthy attractive.
  4. Lifestyles, work, school and recreational habits expose many Australians to the sun for long periods.

Childcare centres can help reduce the incidence of skin cancer and related mortality by encouraging all members of the centres community to adopt recommended practices and become role models to encourage others to protect themselves from this source of harm.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all children attending our centre hopefully develop habits of skin protection that will ensure they continue to protect themselves from skin damage caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation not only while they are in our care but throughout their life.